Bhaashaa aims to spread awareness, interest and love for languages through our work. We try to generate love for one’s own mother tongue while respecting other languages for their peaceful co-existence, leading to an aesthetically enriched society. Bhaashaa works for the perpetuation of all languages and dialects using various mediums like print, electronic, audio-visual, event based programmes and performances.


  1. Spread the library network to rural areas of Maharashtra Continuing our work of language preservation through storytelling sessions, book fairs, workshops, translation work, etc. 
  2. Using electronic media as an effective medium for language preservation. 
  3. Spreading awareness about this cause of language preservation to as many individuals and institutions as possible, thus giving this effort the character of a strong movement. 
  4. Setting up ‘Documentation Centers’ to preserve language and dialect related artefacts, material and heritage. Setting up translation facilities and other services that help towards preservation and comprehension of various Indian regional and world languages. Working towards the preservation of oral literature and folklore.


  • Registration Certificate
  • 12A Certificate
  • 80G Certificate